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True Wind Engineering offers diversified mechanical services with a wide range of solutions to meet the customer's technical demands.

Tailor the level of service to suit project goals is one of True Wind Engineering's hallmarks. Our engineers can strategically provide expanded services or specific expertise as necessary.

A good engineering firm must enhance your competitive position. Creative cost effective solutions result from a rare blend of practical know-how and scientific discipline. We have learned that enterprising solutions can be successfully achieved by this informed approach. Contact True Wind Engineering to discuss your engineering project needs.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services we offer include: Stress, Deflection, Strain, Vibration Amplitude, Natural Frequency, Buckling, and more. Powerful and efficient designs can be achieved using FEA services. FEA models can be for new or revised designs and analyzed with extraordinary or typical service loads. Rebuilding prototypes can be eliminated because of the additional insight gained with FEA.

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Benefits of FEA include:

Full field of view
Irregular shapes difficult to do with other methods
Part changes can be made and analyzed on the model before manufacture or tooling
Reduce design uncertainty

Designs can be optimized for material thickness, minimum weight and maximum stiffness. Customers benefit with knowing optimum performance capacity of the part.

Computer Aided Drafting

Our compatibility with CAD programs such as AutoCAD provides an efficient way to pass information between various types of design and analysis programs.

Our powerful graphics capabilities show 3-D views that help you to better understand the results and clearly present them to management or customers. Color contours and deformed plots can also be output in poster size.